Book Reviews

I have personally read and reviewed every book that is on my reviews page.

My ratings: I rate books from 1 to 5 Bats. My rating system is based on my enjoyment of the overall of the book. No matter what, I will always be honest with my reviews. If you can not handle my honest review (favorable or unfavorable) of your book, please do not submit your book to me to review. I believe in telling people the truth and I never sugar coat my book reviews.

My Book Ratings

5 Bats: I LOVED it. I could not put the book down.
4 Bats: Awesome book, I would read it again.
3 Bats: Pretty good book definitely worth the read.
2 Bats: The book was ok you might like it.
1 Bat: Not my cup of tea could not finish the book.

My Lastest Book Reviews!
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