Raven Kelly’s Interviews


Raven Kelly’s Interviews

I love being interview by authors and bloggers. Here are some interviews that I have done. If you could like to interview me, please e-mail me at raven(at)ravenkelly.com, and I will be happy to send you an interview I have already done. Also feel free to send me your interview questions, and I will be happy to answer your questions. Please note that I am not an author, I only review books as a hobby.

I would like to thank Margaret L. Carter for interviewing me. Her Website Here

I’m interviewing Raven Kelly, mistress of several excellent vampire-related websites.

Interview with Raven Kelly:

(1) Tell us a little about yourself. Is your day job publishing-related, or are books strictly an avocation for you?

My name is Raven Kelly, I’m from Canada, and live in the beautiful province of British Columbia. I read and review paranormal and vampire books as a hobby, and I absolutely love it. My husband and I have our own Internet company together. He truly is my soul mate, my best friend and the other half of me. I’m also the mother to four loving fur babies named Blacks, Bouncer, Priscilla Pussycat Presley and Tili.

(2) How did you become interested in vampires? What are your favorite vampire books and/or authors?

I have always been interested in Vampires and Witches from a young age. I started reading Twilight (yes I know what you are thinking), and that ignited my interest in vampires again.

WOW, that is hard question to answer. I don’t want to be biased, but some authors that instantly come to mind are Lyndsay Sands, Katie MacAlister, Christine Freehan, and Tabitha Shay are a few authors that I really enjoy.

(3) Why did you decided to establish a book review site?

I read a few books in the vampire genre, and soon after decided that I wanted to give other Vampire fans like myself a heads up on good Vampire books to read.

(4) Your bio mentions that you’re a movie buff. What are your favorite movies?

I love watching movies. There are so many movies that are my favorite that I can’t name them, but some that come to mind are.

– Twilight Series
– Star Wars
– Lord of the Rings Trilogy
– Braveheart
– Underworld Series

(5) Please tell us about your various websites, blog, etc., and how authors and readers can get involved.

I’m the webmistress for three websites. Vampiress.ca, VampireBooks.ca, and RavenKelly.com. I review vampire and paranormal romance books. I also post author interviews on VampireBooks.ca, and would love to have any authors who would love be interviewed be part of my website. I hope everyone enjoyed learning a little about me, I enjoyed sharing myself with you all. Thank you Margaret for giving me the opportunity to share myself with all of your wonderful readers.

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