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Paranormal Fantasy Book Reviews

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Gracie C McKeever- Sentinel’s Hunger ( Read Full Book Review Here )
Xevera Nanay is sick with an illness that killed her mother and father. She has been sent back to the human world to rescue her mate and sister. She also just lost her job of protecting the higher priestess of Emsharra. She knows if she does not control her hunger and find her mate, who can heal her of this illness, that she will be executed for feeding on humans.

Michael Constantine is part human, part alien, and he has been hiding his alien side since childhood. Michael has not come in contact with another of his kind until he is called to help a naked female named Xevera in an ally way, who has apparently blacked out. Michael recognizes the scent of alien, and immediately links the scent to Xevera who is lying unconscious.

Regan Taylor- The Spell ( Read Full Book Review Here )
I absolutely loved Regan Taylor’s book “The Spell” This is a book I had trouble putting down. Regan Taylor details her characters extremely well leaving you feeling like you know them personally. My favorite aspect of the ever twisting storyline was how she kept you always wondering who Kelly Mckenna’s stalker is. One minute you think you know who she/he is, than Regan takes you in another direction questioning once again. This book offers you lots of romance and suspense at the same time. If you like reading paranormal books that deal with reincarnation, than this book is for you. Regan leaves you wondering if reincarnation and sole mates really exist. The Spell is a page turner and will leave you wanting to keep reading more. I’m really look forward to Regan Taylor’s next book. Great job!

Michelle Picard- Ruling Eden ( Read Full Book Review Here )
Three cheers for ‘Ruling Eden”! This is Michelle Picard first book in her exciting new series of Eden books. Rachel has lead a lonely life with no family and living from foster home to foster home. This all changes when on the eve of Rachel’s 25th birthday when she thrusted in the world of Eden and is now the Mother Heir to all of the realms in Eden. Follow Rachel as she learns to become Mother Heir of Eden, deal with falling in love for the first time, and solving two murders. This book is beautifully written and will hold your attention throughout the book. A must read for all Fantasy book lovers. I enjoyed reading this book so much that I hope to read more of Michelle’s books in the near future.

Sharon Ashwood- Scorched ( Read Full Book Review Here )
Sharon Ashwood ‘s book “Scorched” will warm heart. This book delivers love, promises, guilt, forgiveness, passion and even sacrifice. Mac has lost his family, friends, and job after being cursed as a demon. He learns that nothing matters in life unless he has happiness, and most of all, love. Mac starts to realize what love and happiness means when he meets a beautiful half human half vampire named Constance. Constance wishes she could have the life she always dreamed of. She has always lived in the castle as a servant and milk maid. Never has she experienced life outside of the castle. Never has she had any possessions of her own. Never has she ever experienced love until she meets Mac. Mac and Constance realize that having nothing is ok, if you have each other, and have great friends. I’m happy that I read this book, good Job Sharon.

Gracie C McKeever- Sisters of Emsharra ( Read Full Book Review Here )
Gracie C. McKeever’s book “Sisters of Emsharra” contains two books from this series “Guardian Seductress” Book 1 and “Predator’s Salvation” Book 2 Guardian Seductress Book 1 is a good book with lots of action and romance. Genesis and Alex’s relationship is very seductive and spicy. Both are attracted to each other sexually, but will not give into each others desires until Alex’s life is threatened. Gracie C. McKeever is an extraordinary author who knows how to keep your attention throughout the entire book..

Katie MacAlister- Love in the Time of Dragons ( Read Full Book Review Here )
Tully Sullivan is not your typical mom. She has been having on going episodes once a year, where she passes out for no apparent reason. During her episodes, she seems to be turning base medals into gold, so says her husband.

Tully has another episode. This time is different, after 5 weeks in a deep sleep she awakens to find herself in some strange place in Europe. All around her are these crazy people that calling her by the name of “Ysolde de Bouchier” who just happens to be this great dragon, so they say. Tully thinks she hascompletely lost her mind. Little does Tully know that she is in for one heck of mind jerking ride trying to figure out who she really is, and who these people are..

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