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Each week I will post interviews of some of my favorite authors. I have alphabetically organized all of the authors names to make it easier for you to find your favorite author.


Welcome to Vampire Books

Thank you for stopping by my website. I’m a huge fan of Vampire and Paranormal Romance books, so I put this web site online for all the other vampire fans out there like me who enjoy reading them so much.


Raven Kelly’s Interviews

I love being interview by authors and bloggers. Here are some interviews that I have done. If you could like to interview me, please e-mail me at raven(at), and I will be happy to send you an interview I have already done. Also feel free to send me your interview questions, and I will be happy to answer your questions. Please note that I am not an author, I only review books as a hobby.

I would like to thank Margaret L. Carter for interviewing me. Her Website Here

I’m interviewing Raven Kelly, mistress of several excellent vampire-related websites.

Interview with Raven Kelly:

(1) Tell us a little about yourself. Is your day job publishing-related, or are books strictly an avocation for you?

My name is Raven Kelly, I’m from Canada, and live in the beautiful province of British Columbia. I read and review paranormal and vampire books as a hobby, and I absolutely love it. My husband and I have our own Internet company together. He truly is my soul mate, my best friend and the other half of me. I’m also the mother to four loving fur babies named Blacks, Bouncer, Priscilla Pussycat Presley and Tili.

(2) How did you become interested in vampires? What are your favorite vampire books and/or authors?

I have always been interested in Vampires and Witches from a young age. I started reading Twilight (yes I know what you are thinking), and that ignited my interest in vampires again.

WOW, that is hard question to answer. I don’t want to be biased, but some authors that instantly come to mind are Lyndsay Sands, Katie MacAlister, Christine Freehan, and Tabitha Shay are a few authors that I really enjoy.

(3) Why did you decided to establish a book review site?

I read a few books in the vampire genre, and soon after decided that I wanted to give other Vampire fans like myself a heads up on good Vampire books to read.

(4) Your bio mentions that you’re a movie buff. What are your favorite movies?

I love watching movies. There are so many movies that are my favorite that I can’t name them, but some that come to mind are.

– Twilight Series
– Star Wars
– Lord of the Rings Trilogy
– Braveheart
– Underworld Series

(5) Please tell us about your various websites, blog, etc., and how authors and readers can get involved.

I’m the webmistress for three websites.,, and I review vampire and paranormal romance books. I also post author interviews on, and would love to have any authors who would love be interviewed be part of my website. I hope everyone enjoyed learning a little about me, I enjoyed sharing myself with you all. Thank you Margaret for giving me the opportunity to share myself with all of your wonderful readers.


Werewolf Book Reviews

Eva Gordon
Sommer Marsden
Copper McKenzie
Book Review Here
Book Review Here
Book Review Here


Paranormal Fantasy Book Reviews

The Lastest Book Reviews Posted At The Top

Gracie C McKeever- Sentinel’s Hunger ( Read Full Book Review Here )
Xevera Nanay is sick with an illness that killed her mother and father. She has been sent back to the human world to rescue her mate and sister. She also just lost her job of protecting the higher priestess of Emsharra. She knows if she does not control her hunger and find her mate, who can heal her of this illness, that she will be executed for feeding on humans.

Michael Constantine is part human, part alien, and he has been hiding his alien side since childhood. Michael has not come in contact with another of his kind until he is called to help a naked female named Xevera in an ally way, who has apparently blacked out. Michael recognizes the scent of alien, and immediately links the scent to Xevera who is lying unconscious.

Regan Taylor- The Spell ( Read Full Book Review Here )
I absolutely loved Regan Taylor’s book “The Spell” This is a book I had trouble putting down. Regan Taylor details her characters extremely well leaving you feeling like you know them personally. My favorite aspect of the ever twisting storyline was how she kept you always wondering who Kelly Mckenna’s stalker is. One minute you think you know who she/he is, than Regan takes you in another direction questioning once again. This book offers you lots of romance and suspense at the same time. If you like reading paranormal books that deal with reincarnation, than this book is for you. Regan leaves you wondering if reincarnation and sole mates really exist. The Spell is a page turner and will leave you wanting to keep reading more. I’m really look forward to Regan Taylor’s next book. Great job!

Michelle Picard- Ruling Eden ( Read Full Book Review Here )
Three cheers for ‘Ruling Eden”! This is Michelle Picard first book in her exciting new series of Eden books. Rachel has lead a lonely life with no family and living from foster home to foster home. This all changes when on the eve of Rachel’s 25th birthday when she thrusted in the world of Eden and is now the Mother Heir to all of the realms in Eden. Follow Rachel as she learns to become Mother Heir of Eden, deal with falling in love for the first time, and solving two murders. This book is beautifully written and will hold your attention throughout the book. A must read for all Fantasy book lovers. I enjoyed reading this book so much that I hope to read more of Michelle’s books in the near future.

Sharon Ashwood- Scorched ( Read Full Book Review Here )
Sharon Ashwood ‘s book “Scorched” will warm heart. This book delivers love, promises, guilt, forgiveness, passion and even sacrifice. Mac has lost his family, friends, and job after being cursed as a demon. He learns that nothing matters in life unless he has happiness, and most of all, love. Mac starts to realize what love and happiness means when he meets a beautiful half human half vampire named Constance. Constance wishes she could have the life she always dreamed of. She has always lived in the castle as a servant and milk maid. Never has she experienced life outside of the castle. Never has she had any possessions of her own. Never has she ever experienced love until she meets Mac. Mac and Constance realize that having nothing is ok, if you have each other, and have great friends. I’m happy that I read this book, good Job Sharon.

Gracie C McKeever- Sisters of Emsharra ( Read Full Book Review Here )
Gracie C. McKeever’s book “Sisters of Emsharra” contains two books from this series “Guardian Seductress” Book 1 and “Predator’s Salvation” Book 2 Guardian Seductress Book 1 is a good book with lots of action and romance. Genesis and Alex’s relationship is very seductive and spicy. Both are attracted to each other sexually, but will not give into each others desires until Alex’s life is threatened. Gracie C. McKeever is an extraordinary author who knows how to keep your attention throughout the entire book..

Katie MacAlister- Love in the Time of Dragons ( Read Full Book Review Here )
Tully Sullivan is not your typical mom. She has been having on going episodes once a year, where she passes out for no apparent reason. During her episodes, she seems to be turning base medals into gold, so says her husband.

Tully has another episode. This time is different, after 5 weeks in a deep sleep she awakens to find herself in some strange place in Europe. All around her are these crazy people that calling her by the name of “Ysolde de Bouchier” who just happens to be this great dragon, so they say. Tully thinks she hascompletely lost her mind. Little does Tully know that she is in for one heck of mind jerking ride trying to figure out who she really is, and who these people are..


Historical Romance Book Reviews

Kieran Kramer
Ashley March

Book Review Here
Book Review Here


Paranormal Romance Book Reviews

Paranormal Romance Book Reviews


Dark Fantasy Book Reviews

Giovanna Lagana
Sylvia Shults
Book Review Here
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Shapeshifter Book Reviews

Shapeshifter Book Reviews


Vampire Book Reviews

Elizabeth Peirce hails from a small town called Appalachia, where she has lived her entire life. Elizabeth lost her father to a mining accident when she was young. Elizabeth’s mother has struggled to raise Elizabeth by herself, and they barley get by. Elizabeth has grown up poor and she truly does not know what it is like to have money. Elizabeth also helps her uncle run his fish and hunting shop to help her mother out with food and the bills. Everyone loves Elizabeth and no one could have imagined that Elizabeth would start acting violent and start killing innocent people.

What everyone does know, including Elizabeth, is that her body has been hijacked by a evil goddess named Saroya. Saroya is also known as “The Soul Reaper” Goddess of Divine Death”. Elizabeth has plans to try and kill herself so she can finally be rid of the demon that has possessed her body. Elizabeth needs to try and save her family from being killed by Saroya. When the demon possesses Elizabeth’s body she knocks Elizabeth unconscious, where Elizabeth can not remember what she did. Every couple nights Saroya takes over her body and starts killing anyone who is around her. Elizabeth finally decides one night after waking up and seeing all the dead bodies around her, and her mother hiding in a corner that tonight is the night that she will kill herself. Elizabeth is planning on walking out in front of the cops with a gun, and having them shoot her to death. Just as Elizabeth opens the door she is tackled by some strange man who says that he owns her body and that she will not be permitted to kill herself, no matter what.

Elizabeth has no idea that the demon man with red eyes is a vampire and the nut case inside her is his bride to be. He will do anything to keep Elizabeth’s body safe from harm. Elizabeth also does not know that the vampire has pans to cast out Elizabeth’s soul from her body so Saroya can take it over, and live happily ever after with vampire boy. Saroya and her Vampire lover have another thing coming because this down home country girl is not going to let anyone take her soul from her body no matter what.

Lothaire a powerful vampire who is feared by all immortal beings and he is known as “The Enemy Of Old.” Lothaire has finally found his bride and has even had his bride foreseen by his Fey acquaintance known as Hag. All Lothaire needs to do, is get the ring back from his enemy and cast out the human soul that is currently the owner of his bride’s soon to be body. That is NOT going to be easy for Lothaire. Elizabeth, the owner of Lothaire’s bride Saroya’s body, is making it very difficult for Lothaire to try and get the ring so he can rid Elizabeth of her body and turn Saroya into a vampire. Lothaire needs to keep an eye on Elizabeth as she is trying to kill herself so she can finally get rid of Saroya. If Elizabeth does succeed in killing herself, Lothaire will lose Saroya and he will not be able to marry her and rule over the Lore. Will Lothaire be able to find the ring that he needs in time to rid Elizabeth’s soul from her body and turn Saroya into a vampire, or will Elizabeth succeed in killing herself and killing Saroya for once and for all?

“Lothaire” is full of lots of twist and turns that will have you guessing what is going to happen next. New friendships will be forged, life long bonds created. This is a great book that will having you absolutely falling in love the character Elizabeth Peirce all the way through.

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Laura Stamps “A Vampire’s Kiss”

Sara Gadsden loves reading paranormal romance novels. She claims to know everything that there is to know about vampires, or so she thinks. One weekend, her good friend Maylene invites Sara along to go over to her best friend Noelle’s Samhain party. Sara has no idea that the guy that Noelle (Maylene’s best friend) introduces Sara to just happens to be a millionaire. Not only a millionaire, but also a 147 year old vampire, who is dressed up as Dracula -go figure. Sara is beside herself, she can’t keep herself from smiling over the fact that there is a gorgeous guy, standing 6 feet tall, dressed up like Dracula in front of her. He is just so tasty looking! Sara is about to learn the difference between “real life” vampires, and “romance book” vampires. Witch and Vampire are about to ignite each others worlds with lustful passion. They both want sex and nothing more, but will emotions take over, and will their hearts say another thing? Find out what happens with Sara and Dray in this fiery passionate love story.

Laura Stamps writes a sexplosion of a novel that will have you laughing at the humor and combusting with passion in a “A Vampire’s Kiss’. This book will have you wanting to sink your teeth into all of its yumminess. I can’t wait for book two in Laura Stamps The Manigault Vampires Series.